Frequently Asked Questions



Ride on Lawnmowers

We personally deliver all Ride on Lawnmowers fully assembled, inspected and tested direct from our workshop. We can then answer any questions you may have about your new purchase from operation to maintenance to ensure hassle free operation and peace of mind.

Walk behind Lawnmowers

We assemble and test all new mowers before reboxing them ready for delivery to you. The engine oil is removed for posting but we will include the correct measure of oil for your individual mower in the box that we send to you. Then its normally just a matter of unfolding the handle bars and bolting them on. If you have any problems we are here to help - Tel: 028 3755 2749

All other items:

All other items will be un-boxed and tested. They will then be drained of fuel/oil and reboxed before shipping. If they require four stroke engine oil we will include the correct amount for that item in the box. Some items may require more assembling than others. Please call for further details.


All goods are supplied only with the benefit of the manufacturer's warranty and their terms and conditions. (This is generally one year for most domestic use products). Faulty goods must be returned to us as we carry out all our own warranty repairs at our fully fitted workshop.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

All products listed on this website are inclusive of VAT. A Vat receipt/invoice will be sent with each purchase to assist all UK Vat registered customers with reclaiming the Vat (currently @ 20%) 

Irish Vat registered customers (i.e. EU zero rated). To be eligible for us to Zero rate the VAT you will have to supply us with a Purchase Order on headed paper including your valid Vat number. After the VAT number has been checked online with VIES as valid you will need to sign our EU removals form.

Common Names and Terms

2-Stroke Engines - These engines are normally standard on small handheld outdoor power tools such as chainsaws, strimmers etc. They require a recommended type and amount of 2 stroke oil to be added to the fuel mixture as the engine. See the users manual of each item for instructions.

4 Stroke Engines - Almost all lawnmowers now use 4 stroke engines and even some small handheld outdoor power tools are now available in four stroke. Basically 4 stroke engines generally have their own oil sump so no oil needs to be added to the fuel mixture, although there are some exceptions to this rule so always read the operators manual. Four stroke engines are generally quieter as they rev lower, more fuel efficient and cause less pollution.

Mulching Option - Most of the lawnmowers we offer have a mulching option that allows them to chop the grass inside the cutting chamber and let it then fall back into the grass so you do not need to collect the clippings. This is sometimes referred to as a recycling option as the fine mulch can help fertilize the lawn.

Mulching generally works best when your lawn is dry and you would normally cut 1/3 of the total length of your grass (ie. if your grass is 3'' high it would mulch it to 2'').

Scarifiers - Scarifiers help to reduce the build up of dead plants and weeds, called thatch, that forms on top of lawns. Even though most lawns will only require scarifying twice a year, in spring and autumn, it can be back breaking work and the right tools will make this unpleasant, but essential job much easier.